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Saturday April 19th, 2014
Bon Biní!


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Criollita ta koperá ku Herensia Kultural pa 25 aña largu i e aña aki, ku emblema nobo

Willemstad, April 17th Den kuadro di selebrashon di Seú 2014, kulminando ku e marcha den kayanan di nos isla, e kompanía di refresku Curaçao Beverage Bottling Co. ku ta produsí ”Criollita” a koperá ku e grupo Herensia Kultural, ku ta partisipando pa 25 aña kaba den e marcha di Seú.


Wednesday April 30th Latin Village at Landhuis Brievengat is ON!!

Willemstad, April 17th In the Netherlands LatinVillage has made it’s mark in the festival dance scene. It’s a melting pot of different cultures and music styles. After 10 impressive years this festival is still successful, leading and growing. The time has come for you to enjoy this amazing Dutch festival in Curaçao.

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TULA (bo trabou no a kaba)

Willemstad, August 19th Tula, bo t’ei? Yuda nos, Tula! Bo lucha no a kaba Pasobra ainda tin sklabitut